As concerned homeowners, we often let cost comparisons affect our buying decisions. But when it comes to insulating our home, your decision is one that lasts a lifetime.

Our state of the art ultra efficient natural fiber insulation is the best value on the market today; dollar for dollar out performing foam, fiberglass or any other insulation.

Don’t be fooled into thinking all insulation products are “green” simply because they save you energy. That’s what all insulation is designed to do.

Be selective and choose an insulation material that delivers the performance your family deserves. (not to mention our insulation contains the highest amount of post consumer recycled content on the market).

American Dream has always been a resource wise company. That’s a fact we take extreme pride in. But be the judge for yourself…see how we stack up.

• American Dream Natural Fiber insulation contains no asbestos, formaldehyde or fiberglass.
• American Dream Natural Fiber insulation is manufactured with a minimum of 85% recycled newspaper.
•The largest amount of post-consumer recycled content used in insulation products.
• American Dream Natural Fiber insulation saves energy used by the building/home owner.
• Less embodied energy is needed to produce our Natural Fiber than the equivalent amount of fiberglass insulation.
• Our manufacturing process releases virtually 0% direct CO2 emissions.
• Our installation process has no jobsite waste.

All excess insulation is vacuumed and recycled for reuse.

Price + Performance = Real Value

- Air & Sound Control
- Fire Safety
- Easy Installation
- Real Value in R-Value
- Retrofitting

9.99 per 30lb Bag
55 Bags per 1,000 sq. feet

Call for truck load pricing

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